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Bespoke Training Courses

UK Rigging often run bespoke training courses for companies or groups of individuals who work together.

NRC / NELT Preparation

Many people require specific training to help them to prepare for their NRC, to generally brush up on a range of topics or to cover specific topics they may not do as part of their everyday work. An example of this is lighting technicians who often carry out a range of rigging tasks, but not certain things such as rigging from beams. A two or three day course is often sufficient to bridge this gap enabling individuals to be ready to take their NRC.

Specific Training Courses

Often, people require courses to train them specifically how to access a system, use a particular piece of equipment, PPE, rigging system or rescue setup.  Courses can be run to train individuals exactly how to carry out specific tasks.   These courses can be as short or as long as required, for example UK Rigging has run half day courses to train staff how to put on a harness and use a very specific fall restraint system.  UK Rigging has run week long courses to train people rigging and work at height techniques, then rescue techniques and practice within their venue.

Modification of an Existing Course

Many companies / groups of individuals wish to carry out existing courses with slight content changes or spend a disproportionate amount of time on a topic particularly relevant to them. UK Rigging are happy to do this providing courses are booked with four or more people.

Bespoke courses can be delivered either at UK Rigging or at a clients premises. The number of days required can be specified or we can advise you depending on what you require. Scenarios can be designed to represent what you need and you can choose whether you would like to bring your own PPE or use the equipment we have at UK Rigging.

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Keeping ahead of COVID-19

As the coronavirus crisis develops, we are constantly assessing our working practices as the safety of our employees, business partners and visitors is paramount.