Rigger working

Employed vs. Freelance

As a growing company, UK Rigging are always on the lookout for talented people with a good attitude to work, whether that is in a freelance or employed capacity. Each method of working provides its own set of benefits and requirements, some of which are outlined below.  

Financial Responsibilities

ContractPermanent contract of employmentSub-contract
Regular IncomeRegular, protected, salariedIrregular, not guaranteed
Extra IncomeAccess to excellent overtime ratesUnlimited earning potential
PensionEmployer contributionWould need to set up private pension
Annual Leave6.6 weeks includedNot covered
Expenses / TravelIncludedDepends on each job
PaperworkProvided by employerYour responsibility
PPE & EquipmentProvided, access to trade discountsNot provided, access to 10% rigger discount
InvoicingPayrollJobs must be invoiced


Work Life BalanceControlled by employer, contracted to a minimum no. of hoursComplete control, but no guaranteed work
StabilityTime off for various reasons protected by law, with no ramificationsMay feel pressure to work every shift available due to instability
Inability to workA change of health or circumstance can usually be accommodated by an employerA change of health or circumstance may mean that you may not be earning an income for periods of time
Health SupportFree Employee Assistance scheme including mental health care and cashback on health expenses.Need to provide own health insurance etc.
TeamRegular team events provided, support of same team and managersNo team / regularly changing team
LocationControlled by employer, limited to locations of company contractsComplete control over location


Access to OpportunitiesStructured growth and regular exposure to a high level of expertiseOpportunities depend on networking and connections made in the industry.
ProgressionMoves to other departments and specialismsDepends on industry connections
DevelopmentTraining & qualification includedPay for own training and qualifications
VarietyAccess to wide range of interesting jobs which may not be available to freelancersComplete control over routine

How to choose

In summary, the core benefit of being freelance is that you have complete control of your working time. However, you’re in complete control of all other aspects of your working life too, including your financial responsibilities and career development. The core benefit of being an employee is having the strength and stability of an established company behind you, and a supportive team of familiar people who you work with regularly. You relinquish some of the control, but access a wide range of opportunity, expertise and support. Choosing the right career path is down to personal preference and opportunity. Find out more about careers at UK Rigging here.