Industrial BetaStick: Technical

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Product Description

The Beta Stick industrial telescopic poles can be used either to facilitate a reach rescue (remotely clipping a rescue system to a casualty who is out of reach, such as someone falling from a structure and are hanging from the lanyard/s). They can also be used for clipping carabiners to out of reach anchors.

The head unit is compatible with a range of carabiners including (but not limited to): Petzl OK Oval Karabiner and Petzl William Karabiner. The wire spring holds the karabiner gate in an open position until the pole is pulled away from the attachment point when it allows the the gate to snap shut. A Captiv captive bar can be added to the Petzl OK Oval to ensure it cannot be dropped during the clipping remote process.

BetaStick Technical

  • Extends to 10ft (2.85m) with using 8 section wired probe
  • Compresses to 21” (54cm)
  • Most compact, durable BetaStick, in drawcord stuffsac
  • Excellent product for use with Rescue Kits

Common Uses

  • Remote clipping of casualty PPE attachment in snatch rescue situations
  • Remote clipping of fixed anchors for attachment of working/back up lines
  • Remote clipping of anchor points for remote anchor retest
  • Remote attachment to overhead fall arrest systems
  • Retrieval of released overhead inertia reel attachments
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