Kong Tango Snap Hook

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Aluminium carabiner with double gate safety system. To open the carabiner push the rear gate with your palm while pulling the front gate with your fingers. The rear gate is protected in order to prevent accidental opening  against the wall. Specifically conceived for use in via-ferrata sets and adventure parks lanyards.
Fitted with Keylock system.
High quality product, tested in Italy piece by piece.

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EN 12275:2013 type K & T, EN 362:2004 type T

Major Axis Strength


Gate Type

Auto-Locking, Double Action, Snap



Minor Axis Strength


Gate Opening





  • The Kong Tango is a highly popular Aluminium connector, also available with a highly efficient swivel connection point in the Tango 360.
  • It is a directional connector, designed to avoid twisting of ropes, lanyards and metal cables.
  • The Double Gate safety system makes it easy to use and reduces the risk of accidental opening.
  • The Keylock system avoids accidental snags during manoeuvres.
  • The diameter of the connecting loop is such that an 8mm Maillon fits on to the bar (for connection to lanyards etc)

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