Rigging for Aerialists

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Rigging for Aerialists

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Course Overview

Aerial course for teachers and studio owners. This course offers both practical and theoretical content. The course covers the basics of rigging for aerialists, including legal requirements, inspection of equipment, installation and safe working at height. Participants will obtain the benefit of training in a safe and controlled environment.

Course Outline

  • What to prepare for and check with a venue or site
  • Employers’ duties, employees’ duties, duty of care
  • Legislation
  • Competent person(s)
  • Insurance and legal requirements for aerial work and equipment
  • Equipment inspection; keeping records, level of detail and frequency
  • Forces generated by aerial activity, fact and fiction
  • Gaining access to and creating anchor points
  • Good practice in rigging with carabiners, shackles and slings
  • Knots and ropework for rigging to create a safe system of work

Each candidate receives a certificate of course completion.

Rigging should always be carried out by a competent person. This training course provides valuable insight into the knowledge and skills required for Aerialist rigging but the course alone will not make you a ‘competent person.’

Course Details

Location: This course is usually delivered at UK Rigging but can be delivered at a clients studio.

Cost: £200+ VAT

Student:Trainer Ratio: 6:1

Suitable for: Aerial teachers, aerial artists and studio owners

For more information please email training@ukrigging.net, or call the training centre on 01204 391343.

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This course lasts for 1 day