Petzl Grillon Work Positioning Adjustable Lanyard

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The Petzl Grillon Lanyard is an adjustable work positioning / work restraint lanyard used to secure a technician to a anchor point or structure. It is designed to limit movement or to allow hands-free work while in a position of work. The lanyard rope can be pulled through the device to pull you closer to the area of work. The longer lengths can also be used as a temporary horizontal lifeline.


Double mode use: The GRILLON lanyard can be used in double mode (on the harness side attachment points) when the user works with weight on his/her feet. This type of attachment ensures better load distribution on the belt. The user precisely adjusts his/her position by pressing on the lanyard’s pivoting cam.

Single mode use: When the anchor is located above the user, the GRILLON lanyard is connected to the harness ventral attachment point, so that the load is comfortably distributed between the belt and leg loops. The user adjusts his/her position by operating the handle, while holding the free end of the lanyard.

Easy handling

Sewn terminations with plastic sheaths

Sewn terminations increase strength (compared to a knotted termination) while reducing bulk. These plastic sheaths protect the stitching from friction and facilitate handling by holding the connector in position.

Differentiation of lanyard lengths

Lanyard length is immediately identified by a color-coded label at the connector end.

Replacement ropes available.

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