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Products listed are our most popular, tried and tested items however, UK Rigging can supply almost all goods from all the listed suppliers.

Some examples include:

  • Different length lanyards
  • Different capacity of rope bags from brands including Lyon, Petzl, Beal and Edelrid
  • Various types of harnesses, including those used by the scaffolding industry, climbing harnesses etc
  • A range of rope, from 4mm onwards including cord, sash, dynamic line, static line
  • Abseilling equipment, tree surgery equipment
  • Marine Grade Steel Carabine hooks, often used for off-shore rigging
  • Dry bags, often used for off-shore rigging

Whether it is a variation on a length/size/colour of an item we stock, bespoke products for off-shore rigging or PPE for other industries; if there is something in particular you require, please email or phone 01204391343.