Sharpening pencils – life below the hook

Posted on 30th May 2015

On the 12th – 13th May 2015 at PLASA Focus Leeds, the triannual Riggers Forum Seminar was held.

The 2015 programme focused on topics affecting the Audio, Lighting, Video and Rigging sectors, bringing together industry experts to talk on a wide range of subjects. The two days of presentations included technical demonstrations and panel discussions all designed to help attendees build industry knowledge and improve skill set.

Chris Higgs of Total Solutions Group and Harry Box of UK Rigging presented ‘Sharpening Pencils – life below the hook’.

This explored the traditional divide created by the position of a ‘lifting machine’. With regard to the specification and management of equipment, this concept doesn’t easily fit into entertainment industry rigging because of the temporary nature of the work. In addition, an employer has a legal requirement to appoint competent people to supervise lifting operations and these extend to activities below the hook as well as the more visible rigging at height.

The session ended with an open forum for riggers to discuss the issues of the day over a beer.

For details of the next Riggers Forum Seminar, please visit PLASA Focus Website.

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

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