Posted on 27th July 2016

Building on our relationship one of our longstanding clients and one of the UK’s top retailers, UK Rigging were again asked to provide rigging services for an annual conference. With the conference layout remaining mostly the same as the previous year, three lighting / sound / AV trusses and cable management hoist, the change this year was a slight alteration to the truss layout and cable routes.

The existing venue rigging points are only accessible by scissor lift and eyebolts at predetermined locations. This means that the cable routes in the roof take a zig-zag effect running from front to back.

With the roof effectively being bowl shaped, the points decreased in height towards the centre with the lowest points being directly above mid stage, meaning trim heights were always going to be compromised.

After reviewing the current design of the traditional straight lines of truss a member of the UK Rigging projects team proposed a potential new layout for future conferences, creating higher trim heights on all trusses, whilst taking into account the requirements from each of the departments involved with the event. By following the contours of the roof in the design, the potential is there to work with the roof, rather than against it. This design has now been submitted to the client for review.

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

As the coronavirus crisis develops, we are constantly assessing our working practices as the safety of our employees, business partners and visitors is paramount.