Ground Support at Leeds and Reading Festival

Ground Support at Leeds and Reading Festival

Ground Support at Leeds and Reading Festival

Ground Support Structures at Leeds and Reading Festival

With the festival season reaching its peak on the August bank holiday, UK Rigging was busy constructing two self-climbing ground support structures at two of the UK’s largest outdoor festivals.

Reading festival received a 6 legged structure on its NME /  BBC Radio 1 stage, which hosted the likes of ‘You Me at Six’ and ‘Flume’ along with two off stage video goalposts. With UK Rigging’s new high capacity Slick aluminium ground support system, with masts capable of 4,000kg capacity, large scale productions from the headline acts were able to be installed without compromise.

Additional trusses, and hoists installed ‘body up’ were installed during the build of the structure for band production, lighting and kabuki systems. This made sure changeovers were kept clean, efficient, simple and required no additional work at height.

The view for the audience was enhanced by incorporating a custom sloped roof to achieve maximum trim height allowing the structure to follow the shape of the raked tent roof.

Leeds festival was provided with a combined 8 legged structure utilising UK Riggings ballast free video wall system and ground support masts to create a 34m wide x 11m deep structure.

Using the same angled roof design as Reading, Leeds also benefited from no work at height required during changeovers, furthering UK Riggings goal of reducing work at height where unnecessary and to reduce crew costs for the client once the structure is fully assembled.