UK Rigging Increase SMD Hire Stock

Posted on 26th February 2018

UK Rigging Increase SMD Hire Stock

With increasing demand for UK Rigging’s ground support structures, as well as the need for stronger truss capable of doing larger spans, UK Rigging has recently increased its stock of Total Fabrication Limited’s Serious Medium Duty Truss. Diagonal bracing on all 4 sides allows it to be used in either orientation (using different load charts) providing greater flexibility and creativity.

One previous example of this flexibility is that it can be used to create a super-sized curved video wall with whatever radius of curve is required without having to source circular truss components of the relevant radii. Its significant load capacity is also ideal for the Slick GS ground support system with its 4,000kg SWL masts.

If you have any requirements that require significant capacity, or if you need a creative approach utilising UK Rigging’s experience and extensive and flexible hire stock to make your rigging requirements a reality, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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