Take That – How do you hang lights in a venue with no roof?

Posted on 12th June 2019

Venue: Various UK Stadiums

Dates: May/June 2019

During the Take That tour in early 2019, UK Rigging were brought on board as rigging consultants to provide a bespoke solution for each stadium visited to suspend additional lighting trusses around the perimeter of the stadium roofs.

After visiting 7 stadiums across the country in 4 days, UK Rigging supplied a written report with recommendations for each stadium. Once all of our proposals were accepted by the relevant structural engineers, UK Rigging were then tasked with supplying an ‘advance’ team of riggers and plant to install the rigging.

Installing the rigging prior to the main production arriving on site allowed for an improved load in time for the production equipment and allowed the tour riggers to focus on the main production knowing that the perimeter lighting rigging was already taken care of simply requiring hooks to be taken up and clipped in to the pre-installed points.

At Anfield football stadium UK Rigging also supplied and installed a large drape baffle on one of the rear walls to improve the acoustic characteristics in the stadium.

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

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