Building on a solid foundation – Leeds and Reading BBC Radio 1 Stage

Posted on 28th August 2019

Venue: Leeds and Reading Festival

Dates: August 2019

Over the course of the last 3 years UK Rigging has supplied the structure for the Radio 1 stages at Leeds and Reading festivals. Making use of UK Rigging’s new Slick GS Ground Support masts, we introduced a new design in 2017. Capable of a capacity of up to 4,000kg per mast, the increased production potential was immediately utilised by the headlining bands.

Using bespoke components, we were not only able to boost the structures capacity we were also able to achieve a greater trim height for both the mid-stage truss and the downstage advance lighting truss, limiting the impact the raked roof of the big-top had on the structure.

Over the course of the last three years the stages have slowly evolved with Leeds and Reading both incorporating integrated PA and Video wings. With each structure capable of holding over 20 tonnes of production, all weight loading requests are now able to be met.

At UK Rigging we aim to build a strong working relationship with clients as we work to achieve their production goals within a set budget. Our goal is always to create designs that are innovative, practicable and financially viable.

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

As the coronavirus crisis develops, we are constantly assessing our working practices as the safety of our employees, business partners and visitors is paramount.