The Election has to fit in somewhere…

The Election has to fit in somewhere…

The Election has to fit in somewhere…

Venue: BBC Broadcasting House

Dates: November/December 2019

With the country focusing on the upcoming general election, UK Rigging were brought on board by a production company to supply a structure for BBC Broadcasting House. This structure had to be a perfect fit for the main broadcasting hub of BBC broadcasting house, down to the closest centimetre.

For this structure UK Rigging supplied a Litec QX30 frame utilising a wide variety of components to achieve the exact dimensions required. With over 60 straight sections supported on a total of 17 legs we were able to create a structure that fit perfectly into the production studio. Thanks to our wide selection of Litec QX30 lengths, we managed to achieve the maximum roof height despite the unusual dimensions required.

To finish it off UK Rigging supplied some spreaders for adjustable lighting trusses, and 18m of ladder beam OV30 truss to support a bank of LED screens running along the side of the structure.

Even though the election date was unknown at the time of booking, UK Rigging were able to commit to supplying without worrying about when the election date would land due to our extensive hire stock.

If you’re looking for close-fitting Litec QX30 contact the hire team to enquire about our 10.5cm, 21cm, 25cm and 29cm Litec QX30.