Introducing Project X

Introducing Project X

Introducing Project X

There is currently a critical shortfall of qualified riggers in the entertainment industry. To combat this, companies such as UK Rigging will need to take on the cost, challenge and commitment of training up a new workforce of riggers to ensure that there is a sufficient pool of qualified and available riggers to meet demand in the coming years.

Many years in the pipeline, Project X is an experience scheme designed by UK Rigging which aims to guide and support new entrants into the entertainment rigging sector whilst working on a freelance basis. Along with providing structured training and support, UK Rigging will take on the initial set up costs and provide a steady income to allow new talent to move into the rigging industry with confidence.

The bulk of the scheme provides on-the-job, onsite experience, in which trainees will be accompanied by a mentor at all times. These mentoring riggers have been chosen for their level of knowledge, experience and skill, ensuring that new cohorts of riggers coming through Project X have the same great attitude and dedication to best practice that UK Rigging are known for. In this regard, Project X aims to bring in a new generation of top-quality riggers to increase the talent pool, from which all venues and productions will benefit.

To ensure that all onsite experience remains safe, viable and practical, UK Rigging will provide RAMS and inform the venues before any trainees are expected to be onsite. Prior to being allowed onsite, trainees will have undertaken our Three-Day Rigging Course. Each new entrant will be accompanied by an experienced, qualified rigger at all times to ensure that safety is never compromised, and the cost of extra riggers onsite will be covered by UK Rigging.

Providing this level of mentoring and support will require patience and support from riggers, venues and productions. We hope that despite the extra time and consideration it may take to accommodate Project X onsite, all venues and productions will appreciate the long-term benefit of the scheme on the whole industry.

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X.02 began in September 2022, with all six trainees achieving their NRC by May 2023. Recruitment for the new cohort, X.03, began in January 2023. Follow us on social media to find out how they get on.

We will be interviewing for the next cohort, X.04, in late 2023 If you wish to be notified when we are next interviewing, please fill out the online application form: Online Application Form. (Your application should take around 10 minutes to complete)

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