Advanced Careers for NRC Riggers

Once you have qualified as an NRC rigger, there are a wide range of technical careers available.
All of the jobs listed below are available in an employed or freelance capacity.

Project Manager

The Project Management team are responsible for preparing and supervising a wide range of projects including corporate exhibitions, installations, theatre productions, TV and film rigging, festival rigs and more. These roles are suited to persons who are dedicated, hardworking, with good communication skills and wide experience of the industry.

CAD Specialist

Rigging and installation work requires the use of computer aided design (CAD). This can take the form of 2D drawings / rigging plots, or 3D drawings as part of the fabrication and installation design process. Previous hands-on rigging experience is useful, and exceptional computer skills are critical to this job role.

Tour Rigger

Due to the large number of tours supported by UK Rigging, we are often looking for experienced, committed and reliable riggers to work as Tour Riggers or Second Tour Riggers. Spending long periods of time travelling away from home and working under pressure in a constantly changing environment can take it’s toll; this job role is for riggers who have plenty of production rigging experience, experience in a supervisory rigging role, who are proactive and thrive under pressure.

Venue Rigging and Management

For experienced riggers who want to settle into one geographical area, venue rigging and venue rigging management can provide a settled yet challenging role. Working alongside venue staff, local crew and incoming productions, this role requires exceptional patience, great communication and a wide range of rigging experience.

Training & Assessment

As part of your continuing professional development you may wish to give something back to the entertainment rigging industry. If you enjoy teaching and wish to pass your knowledge onto others, you could consider joining the training and assessment team at UK Rigging in either a freelance or employed capacity.

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