Equipment Hire

EXE Rise D8+

With the ever increasing demand for electric chain hoists, UK Rigging has invested heavily in EXE Rise D8+ hoists to significantly increase available hire inventory.

250kg, 500kg & 1,000kg capacities available all with double brakes and 50% capacity double hook chain bags.

Combining their IP55 rating with our custom rain covers they are perfect for outdoor scenarios where reliability is critical.

UK Rigging flight cases allow the hoists to be flown and landed from within the case so that the amount of manual handling is reduced.

The 250kg EXE Rise D8+ hoist comes in cases of three with a chain length of 20m. The 500kg and 1,000kg EXE Rise D8+ hoists are fitted with four position limit switches and come in single flight cases with 30m of chain as standard with chain markers at 20m and 25m. This allows for touring productions to easily specify how far to run out the chains after a gig ready for the next venue.