Equipment Hire

Lifting Accessories

UK Rigging stock a wide variety of lifting accessories.

UK Riggings rigging stock is clearly colour coded making it user friendly.

Steel Wire Rope: lengths available – 1ft, 2ft6, 5ft, 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 50ft. SWL 1000kg and 2000kg
Steel Roundslings: also known as Soft steel, GAK flex, GAC flex, Steelflex. Lengths available – 2m, 4m and 6m circumference. SWL 2000kg
Polyester Roundslings: also known as Spansets. Lengths available – 1m, 2m, 4m and 6m circumference. SWL 1000kg and 2000kg
Shackles: all UK Rigging hire stock shackles are manufactured by Crosby. SWL 1T, 2T, 3.25T, 4.75T.
Beam Clamps: available in the following sizes:
2000kg – width of jaws: 75mm – 230mm
3000kg – width of jaws: 70mm – 355mm

Rigging is well maintained and well presented in clearly labelled flight cases.