Outboard LV8

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Outboard LV8

The Outboard LV8 Low Voltage Control Chain Hoist Controller is an eight way hoist controller:

  • Eight channels of low-voltage control and 3-phase hoist power distro
  • Selectable Normal multichannel mode or Pickle mode
  • Separate control and power on Ceep (Socapex-style) output connectors.
  • Input voltage phase indicators and reversal switch
  • Supplied with RC8 handset for remote control, with built-in Emergency Stop and 10m extension
  • Integral Emergency Stop button, link-able across multiple units. E-Stop circuit features automatic self-test function
  • Fully compliant with CE directives


LV8 Controllers can be supplied in three configurations:

  • A single, flight cased (5U rack mount) LV8 with a handset on a 10m extension cable.
  • A twin LV8 in a 17U, quarter pack flight case containing power distribution to power a third LV8 with a 16 way handset on a 10m extension.

Both of these packs can be supplied with an extra 20m handset extension lead creating a maximum of 30m if required. The twin LV8 system can be configured with a 16 way handset or 2 x 8 way handsets.

  • Custom touring racks uniquely assembled for each event and fully labelled before leaving the warehouse.


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