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The PLASA National Rigging Certificate (NRC) is a qualification for entertainment industry riggers designed to give recognition for their skills, knowledge and expertise in rigging.

The NRC provides employers and venue operators with a benchmark to use in hiring that is an appropriate, entertainment industry created qualification.

The NRC is an assessment (not a training course) using recognised assessment methods. NRC candidates must have specific evidence of work experience in addition to being assessed. The NRC measures the minimum core requirements for someone working at Level 2 or 3 as specified by UK National Occupational Standards.

Assessment comprises sampling work experience, practical tests, written and oral questions. NRC assessors are subject experts and qualified assessors. Upon gaining the award, individuals are issued with a certificate and an NRC ID card.


A two day practical, written and verbal exam for the ‘everyday working rigger’. Practical scenarios encompass the basic rigging skills required in rigging work using chain hoists, trusses and rigging accessories. The NRC Level 2 is a very thorough examination and we advise a year or two of regular rigging experience before taking the exam.


Applicants must have held the NRC Level 2 for at least 12 months. The Level 3 exam is a one day assessment, including a risk assessment and written examination.  This is followed by an on-site assessment of the candidate supervising a rigging operation. Candidates must demonstrate an understanding of appropriate legal requirements and have knowledge of the appropriate rescue planning.

How to Take the NRC

To take the NRC, applicants must register with PLASA (£218 + VAT). A pack including an NRC handbook is posted out.  The handbook is like a detailed syllabus of the exam and can be used as a revision guide and to ensure readiness to book the exam.

The pack will contain information about the different centres that offer the NRC and details of what you need to do to take your assessment when you are ready. Once you have registered, you have two years to complete your NRC.

Corona Virus Update

Please note that the training and assessment centre is currently closed to the public. If you are interested in an assessment please email [email protected] and we will give you an update.