Harken Ninja MultiAscend

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The Harken Ninja MultiAscend is the worlds only twin cam design ascending device. Owing to its full-locking aluminium gate mechanism which resolutely defies unintentional release, and it’s chassis design that surrounds the line at all times, this is the first ascending device ever classified as a single, full point of attachment for safety compliance standards.

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Min Rope Diameter


Max Rope Diameter



EN 12841.2006, EN 567.2013, Regulation (EU) 2016:425


  • Low-friction cams disengage cleanly from rope. Rope flows through and climbing is easier
  • Locking safety release. Opening device is dependent on two consecutive independent operations –
    • Open the latch
    • Rotate the plate up
  • Manual release triggers keep fingers outside the unit. Downclimb without ever opening the unit
  • Supplied shackle links directly to your harness

Harken engineered the Ninja MultiAscend to offer increased efficiency in a range of applications. Perhaps most importantly, the MultiAscend leads to an assortment of equipment you no longer need to lug up the rope and can leave back in the truck.