Petzl ‘Beanie’ Protective Cap

£37.92 (£31.6 exc. VAT)



Product Description

The Petzl Beanie is designed to fit under a hard hat without compromising comfort or safety. Its made from Windstopper® thermal insulation material to protect against the cold and wind, but also features lateral slots in front of the ears to ensure that hearing is not impeded.

Featuring two zones for optimal comfort; it’ll keep the top of your head dry and well ventilated under your hard hat, while keeping the exposed lower section of your head warm and snug.

Product Features

  • Optimal head protection in cold and extreme environments:
    • The lower section in Windstopper® offers thermal insulation against cold and wind
  • Designed for wearing under a helmet:
    • Upper section is breathable, to limit perspiration inside the helmet
    • Seamless, fitted design for optimal comfort with the helmet
  • Does not get in user’s way during everyday work:
    • The lateral slots in front of the ears ensure hearing is not impeded
  • Machine washable up to 30° C
  • Available in two sizes

Size Information

Size M-L: 56-59cm Head Circumference

Size L-XL: 59-63cm Head Circumference


  • Weight: 25 g
  • Material(s): polyester, spandex