Leica Disto D2BT 100m Distance Measurer With Bluetooth

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Leica Disto D2BT 100m Distance Measurer With Bluetooth

The Leica DISTO D2 is a 7 measurement mode LDM accurate to 1.5 millimeters. It features an intuitive back-lit LCD display in a 100g package that is small enough to fit in your pocket.


  • Fully integrated intelligent endpiece
  • Bright white display
  • ISO certified measuring engine that drives 1.5 mm accuracy and 100 m measuring range
  • The D2 measures from its base by default and can be configured to measure from the front
  • Use Bluetooth® Smart to send measurements into apps running on mobile devices
  • Flip out the intelligent endpiece to 90º to hook onto outside corners or extend the endpiece fully for inside corners
  • Will automatically measure from the end of its flip-out endpiece when fully extended
  • Calculates area and volume, and remembers the last 10 measurements taken
  • Pythagoras function for indirect height or width measurements


  • Holster


  • Typical measuring accuracy: ±1.5 mm
  • ISO 16331-1 certified Range up to 100 m
  • Measuring units: 0.000 m, 0.00 ft, 0’00” 1/16, 0 in 1/16
  • Memory: Last 10 values
  • Data Interface: Bluetooth® Smart V4.0
  • Measurements per set of batteries: up to 10000
  • Multifunctional end-piece: Yes, intelligent recognition
  • Batteries: 2x AAA 1.5 V (Ships with alkaline)
  • Display: 3 line display with illumination
  • Protection class: IP 54, dust and splash-protected
  • Dimensions: 116 x 44 x 26 mm
  • Weight with batteries: 100 g / 3.53 oz
  • Minimum / maximum measurements: Yes
  • Area / volume calculation: Yes
  • Pythagoras functions: 2 points, 3 points
  • Stake-out function: Yes, single value
  • Painter function: Yes
  • Subtraction / addition :Yes
  • Timer function: Yes, variable
  • Beep: Yes, switchable on/off
  • Operating temperature range: -10°C to 50°C
  • Storage temperature range: -25°C to 70°C
  • Total Shipping Weight: 1.2kg
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