Harken Snatchet (Ratcheting) Pulley

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This product’s name says it all. Snatchet pushes together the ease and familiarity of carabiner rigging with a high-efficiency pully to create a very flexible piece of powerful, yet compact, lifting equipment. Available so that you have a choice between ratcheting and non-ratcheting versions, Snatchet can be inserted into the middle of an existing rig eliminating the need to take the load off a loaded line and rerig. Robust carabiners and wide stainless sheaves rig easily and provide uncommon flexibility.

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Weight 0.178 kg
Dimensions 14.65 × 7.2 cm
Max Working Load


Breaking Load


Maximum line Ø (mm)



ANSI Z359.12-2019, EN 362:2004 type M

Carabiner Material



  • Faceted sheave in ratchet version provides 15X the rope holding power of a round sheave.
  • Ratchet can be “activated/deactivated” under load.
  • Rope can be engaged without disconnecting the anchor point.
  • Large pulley diameter reduces friction and rope stress.
  • No risk of misalignment between pulley and carabiner that could break the system.