The Journey Not the Destination by Olly Sanders

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Wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated, with stories from the Arctic to Africa, this book delves into the highs and lows of adventure. Written by one of our wonderful Trainers – Olly Sanders.



This book is about small scale expeditions and first ascents to remote places, where self-reliance and trust are paramount, humour and having a good time with friends at its core.

With outdoor education on the decline and local authority adventure centres closing, where are the next generation going to get their outdoor experience, providing them with a love of the environment and the self-resilience this builds?

The stories are about leaving behind all the trappings of modern society, social media and the internet and immersing yourself in the environment and the company of fellow explorers.

Taking the minimum backup sounds foolhardy, but you have to rely on good decisions and accept the risk as part of the experience. Not everybody will agree with this, but it means you make the adventure feel real without that connection to the real world.

Adventure, however, can be at any level; you just have to take that step in the right direction. Find the right people, have a rough plan and take the leap.

There are some stories from the other end of the spectrum. The early days of rock and roll rigging with all the characters and excess that went with it. Touring with Genesis, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and many more, with all the mayhem that ensued.