Soul Survivor

In 2014 the production company proposed a new stage structure for one of UK Rigging’s annual events at the Bath and West Showground. Rather than the previously used box grid suspended from the king poles of the 12,000 capacity big-top, the stage was to be moved to the one side thus requiring a ground support system.

After a few design variations were proposed and discussed, the final design was to be a straight truss on four masts. At 35m wide and over 10m high, built inside a big top in a field, it was essential to perform the load and stability calculations to ensure enough ballast was provided and bracing was put in place. This was all the more critical as it was to be constructed on a surface with a slight incline.

With careful planning and a specific order for the construction of the ground support system, the structure was built and flown to trim within one day.

In addition to the ground support structure UK Rigging provided pre-event support which included calculating bridle leg forces for three way & ‘H’ bridles supporting the additional lighting trusses and PA systems.