Work at Height with PFPS Training

In Association with Total Training

The One Day Work at Height with PPE Training Course at UK Rigging offers both practical and theoretical content. You will learn the responsibilities of individuals, the hierarchy of controls, the safe use of typical PPE equipment and techniques involved working at height safely. Participants will obtain the benefit of training in a safe and controlled environment.

One Day WAH (3)

Course Outline:


  • The hierarchy of fall prevention and safe systems of work.
  • Fall arrest theory – fall forces, factors and energy absorbers.
  • Fall arrest, rope access and work positioning.
  • Selection and specification of PPE for work at height.
  • The dangers of using fall arrest equipment without proper anchors.
  • Rescue principles and planning.


  • Pre use checks of PPE and reporting defects.
  • Use of full body harnesses, helmets and lanyards.
  • Using vertical rope fall arrest system with Petzl ASAP.
  • Progression using twin energy absorbing lanyards.
  • Using a work positioning lanyard.

Location: This course is usually delivered at UK Rigging, Bolton.

Cost: £250 + VAT per person

Student:Trainer Ratio: 6:1

Suitable for: Novices and as a refresher / knowledge reinforcement course for the more experienced riggers.

Requirements: Suitable clothing and footwear for climbing around on beams. UK Rigging will provide everything else including PPE for training.

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