National Event Lifting Training – Coming Soon

The National Event Lifting Training has been developed by PLASA in response to industry demand for developing skills for people carrying out lifting operations from the ground, as a part of their role. It is aimed at anyone working in any live production, broadcast or other events in the entertainment world who undertakes this function as a small part of their role – a very ‘safety critical’ small part.

If you undertake lifts for events from the ground as a part of your role then the NELT is relevant to you. It is not a substitute for a qualified NRC Rigger.

It is however, a way to ensure that those people who work in other disciplines such as lighting, PA, AV, broadcast whatever, who carry out and prepare components for a lift from the ground have had some training for their skills and knowledge.

Employers under UK and European legislation have a duty to ensure that the people they use are trained to carry out their work that they have been asked to do.

With the support of the National Rigging Advisory Group (NRAG) and industry sponsors, PLASA are creating the National Event Lifting Training Program making it easier to be sure that those who carry out a lift from the ground in Events, have the skills they need to do it and know what to do if they don’t have the skills. Overall making a safer skilled industry that has been developed by the people who work in it.

Enrol here, and select UK Rigging as your preferred training centre.