Rescue for the Entertainment Industry

UK Rigging’s two day rescue course is designed specifically for entertainment industry technicians working in buildings and structures in the entertainment industry.

Scenarios are matched exactly to what you may experience in real life and the course is designed to make you practically confident to carry out rescue in a variety of circumstances.


Course Outline:


  • Regulations and the law.
  • The scope of rescue.
  • The enormous importance of planning in rescue.
  • Suspension trauma, current information and simple first aid protocol.


  • Setting up twin rope systems and using backup devices for rescue practise.
  • Guidance through a variety of rescue equipment likely to be encountered in rescue.
  • Ascending and descending ropes using various devices.
  • Creating an anchor.
  • Putting together various rescue systems.
  • Lowering systems and raising systems.
  • Methods to rescue a conscious and an unconscious casualty.
  • Practise of various rescue methods at low level moving on to high level using both real life acting casualties and a weighted rescue dummy.

Location: This course is usually delivered at UK Rigging, Bolton.

Cost: £420 + VAT per person

Student:Trainer Ratio: 4:1

Suitable for: People involved directly or indirectly with work at height in entertainment. If you are not directly involved with a rescue, having the knowledge to assist with or initiate a rescue could be lifesaving.

Requirements: Candidates should be confident working at height and have a good understanding of PPE for work at height.

To get the most out of this course, candidates not confident with PPE and work at height should attend at minimum a one day work at height with PPE training course. Information about this course is available upon request.

Special considerations may made for people wishing have the knowledge to assist with / plan for rescue.

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